Finished bodywork
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Here are some more pics of the finished product:

Body mods are:

  • Shaved marker lights all round
  • Shaved drip rails
  • welded and smoothed headlight buckets
  • Shaved emblems, incl. pillar emblems
  • Shaved door handles
  • Custom tail panel and tail lights
  • Shaved gas filler hatch
  • Molded in spoiler
  • Custom hood vents
  • Sahved and smoothed windshield cowl
  • Fiberglass front bumper
  • Custom upper and lower grills and turn signals (T/A)

The picture above is with park lights and turn signal on

I actually had to venture into the 'ricer' section of the parts store to find the colored bulbs!!!

  After countless hours of metalwork and filler work.....

The panel used to be completely flat.  I HAD to put int eh license plate recess.  Tip; Don't ever use expanding foam to stiffen body panels!!