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Welcome to Hybrid V8 240Z Home Page
This Web site is the documentation of the slow laborious process of converting my 73 240Z to a SBC V8 Hybrid

The project has snowballed and taken on a life of its own. It was originally meant to be a basic 'drop in the V8' conversion, but I have a bad case of the ' while I'm at it, I might as well...' syndrome!

The Plan
My plan now is to build a car that has as much show as it does go. I will be using the 350ci LT1 Chevy Camaro V8. This is mated to a Borg Warner T-56 manual 6 speed gear banger.
The rear end will be the R230 diff from a 1994 Infinity Q45. The main reason for converting to the R230 is the LSD, which is standard. The LSD for the R200 is very expensive in the aftermarket, and stock LSD units are getting very scarse.
The suspension will be coilovers at each corner.
Bodywork has become more extensive than even I had ever imagined. This is surprising because I have almost ZERO bodywork experience (most of my experience has been mechanical fabrication). But this will be testiment for all you guys who are deciding whether or not to tackle bodywork. GO FOR IT!
Details for each subject will follow in the specific pages (see links) and will be updated as progress is made.

95% Done!:

After 2 1/2 years of bodywork and 3 full days of color sanding, buffing, and hand rubbing, here she is.  Just need to finish up a few small items.

Color: Amethyst Violet Metallic (1998 SAAB - PPG 2 stage)


How this site is set up:
I have split the site up into the seperate 'disciplines' of the project. Just see the above links to each seperate subject. I have added several pictures over the months and the site is a bit jumbled, but once the conversion is complete, I will reorganize the site.
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Special Thanks:
I want to extend a special thanks to all the guys on HybridZ. The information and helpful attitudes (as well as the warped sense of humor) on that site is invaluable.

Custom tail panel

Using the stock tail light housings, fitted from the inside, using colored bulbs.

Last update:Feb 2004