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The drive system consists of (or will) T56 tranny and a LSD R230 Rear end:
The following are pictures of work in progress. Once done I will add commentary on the Drivetrain page.

Here is the Serpentine belt routing
I removed the OE Z28 idler and used a new mount and pulley and gutted the P/S pump to use as a pulley.
Here is the bracketry for the new pulley
CV to Companion flange adapters
Made to VERY close tolerances, everything is very tight. The 4 bolts holding to the Comp. Flange are 7/16", so the companion flange holes need to be enlarged slightly.
Here it is attached to the R180 mustache bar
As you can see the mounting bolts on teh R230 are wider apart, so the holes had to be redrilled....pretty easy!
All mounted in place!
I had to make a new rear brace (white piece) because the cooling fins on the rear of the diff hit on the stock brace....
Just another angle
The Stock Diff vs the Q45 unit
As you can see the R230 is much beefier and has very strong CV jointed half shafts.