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Body work in progress.....
It took a lot of courage to attempt some of these mods since I don't have much bodywork experience, but so far, so good....

Dang it..I hate these kind of surprises!!
Once I started scraping off the undercoating I found all this much work ensued:

My simple home made rotisserie
Made this in a couple of hours...can't imagine doing all this cutting and welding on the car laying underneath it!
Driver's side floor in and chassis leg cut out
Definitely point of no return!!....
All done welding....for now!
Both floors and chassis legs complete. Took me longer than expected 'cause my welder gave up (blew the ic board), but it's all better now!
Subframe connectors
Here's a closer look at where the chassis legs connect to the rear sub-frame. As you the stock frame rails end under the seats!
Also a good look at how the front diff mount attaches to the tunnel.
Trans mount tunnel reinforcement
Here I welded in a patch of 18 gauge sheet metal over the existing tunnel sheetmetal, just to be sure the tunnel could take the weight and torque of the trans.
Here is the patch I made to fill in the fuel hatch
This was then welded and bondoed. I am using a fuel cell, so this filler door was no longer necessary
The marker, antennae and vent holes filled in
Patch panels welded in and bondoed. Still needs much sanding and more bondo and more sanding.....
Drip rails cut out
I cut out the drip rails with a cutting disk on my grinder and rewelded the roofline, then bondoed.
Boy was this ever nervewracking!!
Before the bondo
Here's the above picture before a coat of bondo!
Rear body panel completely removed
See the new panel below
The new panel before actually tacking it in place
I used 20 gauge sheetmetal cut out using a poster board template and a jigsaw.
Here it is tacked in place
Just from another angle
I put the tail lights in from the inside instead from the back of the car. I plan to use some lexan sheets to glue on the inside of the sheetmetal, behind the slits, between the tail lights and the sheetmetal.