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Here are the mods, both structural and cosmetic

The main hoop for the cage
This is a S&W 8 point kit, which I had to modify extensively to get right! The seat brace had to be spaced back (originally it would be straight).
View of the complete cage from the windshield
None of the tubes (except the basic main hoop are as they come from S&W)!
Here it is from the rear
The rear bars were designed to come all the way back, but the fuel cell is now in the way, so I mounted them just above the main rear chassis cross member
Tunnel brace bars
All I can say is PITA!!
Making sure the seat still fits!
This is why I had to space the seat brace rearward on the main hoop!
Fuel Cell box
Homemade sheetmetal 'box' in place of the spare wheel well to hold the fuel cell.
Here it is from the rear.
Those are the cell outlets from the 'sump/reservoir' at the bottom.