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One day I will reorganize the site, but until then...
Here are some more misc. pictures:

Just waiting for the new Tokikos.
It's a shame these have to be hidden under the car, behind the wheels!!

The fronts still need some 'prettying up'!!

The SOLID driveshaft used for alignment
It was absolutely amazing how far off I was from when I mounted the gearbox and Diff with just measurements. As with all of these pics, click on the pic for a larger image.

R230 Front Mount
Very sturdy, lots of gussets, and mounts to the stock "safety strap" holes in the tunnel.

T56 Mount
This picture was taken with the mount standing on it's head.

Trans mount Mounted to tunnel and T56

R230 Diff Mount Mounted
I can Jack up the car on this mount and noticed NO deflection whatsoever. Once the car is on the road, a few high RPM clutch dumps will put it to the test.